Silver Needle Golden Lotus - Gong Ting Ripe Puerh Buds 2006 - 2 oz.

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Moss, lichen and sweet earth combine to express qualities of both red tea and shou Puerh. The oil-rich small buds produce a tawny liquor that is smooth, moist and calming to the body. The aftertaste is like snow melting in the mouth- gentle, delicate and sweet. The bud rich tea is lighter compared to full-grown leaves, but no less impactful and big in flavor. The high quality raw material is evident in the soft, tender body of the tea. This is a stunning new addition to the Living Tea collection. 

Best brewed gongfu with short steepings just shy of a boil 205-210 F. We recommend 3-4 grams in a Zisha pot. 


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