On The Road - Yong De Mountain Ripe Puerh- 2 oz.

On The Road - Yong De Mountain Ripe Puerh- 2 oz.

With a comfortable familiarity, On The Road Ripe Puerh feels like the perfect travelling companion. Flavors of mocha, hazelnut, roasted coffee and damp soil rise from a velvety broth with noticeable Sheng Jin or pleasant moistness that coats the mouth and lingers between steepings. The oat-straw aroma is strong and pleasant. The mildly Yang Cha Qi is opening and full, yet gentle, remaining in the core of the body. This is one of Living Tea's absolute favorite everyday sippin' Shou Puerh teas.

Within Yongde County in Western Yunnan, there are two Daxueshan (Big Snow Mountains) that rise into the clouds and produce extraordinary teas. The climate in Yong De County is moderate with ample sunshine and rainfall. The balanced temperatures are evident in the well-rounded teas produced in the region. The old-growth, wild forests of this mountain contain hundreds of trees over 1,000 years old, making it one of the true birthplaces of all tea.

The name On The Road is an obvious nod to Jack Kerouac's famous 1957 novel, which explores the ideals of conquest, freedom, and self-discovery. Oftentimes, a good Living Tea offers the same exploration without the complexity of driving across the country and rebelling against the world we find ourselves in. This tea reminds us that real clarity and comfort come by accepting life exactly As It Is, and pursuing our endeavors from this place. The name also acknowledges the long journey that the tea must make from the remote forests of Western China to your hands, your teapot and your heart.

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