Vitality- Big Snow Mountain Dian Hong Red Tea 2016 - 2 oz.

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Sweet, thick and malty, this is one of the best Dian Hong Red teas we have yet encountered. Pressed for Global Tea Hut during our annual trip last year, Vitality comes from first flush Spring 2016 Assamica tea leaves harvested from younger eco-arboreal gardens near the village. The bright, crisp maroon liquor is strongly invigorating, moving through the entire body and brightening the mind. Complex and full-bodied, this ruby-colored treasure is extremely patient, brewing for many steepings. Big Snow Mountain is one of the original mountains where all tea was born, yielding an array of high-altitude tea gardens, both old-growth and eco-arboreal. 

For an in-depth exploration of Vitality and Dian Hong Red Tea, please consult the February issue of Global Tea Hut. We suggest brewing around 200 F in the morning with a sidehandle pot. 

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