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Ruby Red - Da Ye Native Taiwan Red Tea - 2 oz.

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Hand-processed in the traditional way for the first time this year, Ruby Red is an exceptional large-leaf red tea from Nantou, Taiwan. Rich, full-bodied, smooth and complex, Ruby Red carries a bubblegum sweetness and less maltiness than Formosa Assam.  It is comprised of a hybrid mixed Burmese Assam plant with a native wild Taiwanese plant, yielding what feels like red tea but also embodies elements of a fine Taiwanese Oolong. One notable quality of Ruby Red is the way that it leaves the drinker salivating between steepings and desiring more, both signs of a fine tea. Also, Ruby Red is refreshing and uplifting, ideal for morning bowl sessions and sharing with loved ones. This was an exciting find of Living Tea during our 2016 trip to Taiwan.    

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