Old Grove - Liu Bao Black Tea 2008 - 2 oz.

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Old Grove, like all Liu Bao black tea, comes from South Central Guangxi, China near Vietnam.  It was masterfully aged in Malaysia since 2008, and as a post-production fermented tea, this storage is very important to the finished tea. Old Grove is deep, dark, mellow and settling- all qualities of a good Liu Bao. We also find other qualities of a good Liu Bao in Old Grove: powerful Yin Qi of old-growth trees with masterful processing, the fermentation of Nature and the magic imbued by microorganisms. 

We suggest brewing this tea gongfu, if you have the appropriate teaware, because the leaves are quite small and not ideal for bowl tea. We also recommend using a little more leaf than usual to produce a very dark brew with water very near to boiling. This is a very patient tea that will yield many steepings. Enjoy!!

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