Incense Kit - Charcoal, Mica Plate, White Ash

Incense Kit - Charcoal, Mica Plate, White Ash

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The mica plate rests upon the charcoal which rests upon the ash. You do not need much ash, as it is being used as a barrier between the bowl and the charcoal.

Also, this high quality white ash will enable the charcoal to burn slowly, to extend your incense session.

To light the charcoal, use a high-power torch lighter until it is red and then place into the ash. 

As a final step, place 3-6 small chips of your favorite aloeswood incense your mica plate to experience to beautiful aroma. 


Included: 1 mica plate, 8 high quality charcoal, and 12 grams of white ash. This kit does not include the ceramic bowl pictured.

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