Calm Spirit Tincture - 2 or 4 oz.

Calm Spirit Tincture - 2 or 4 oz.

This formula was developed by clinical herbalist Joshua Geetter Lac. in response to clinical observation of a sharp increase in stress related pathologies in the aftermath of the economic downturn since 2008. Josh chose to harvest local wild and cultivated Hops, Valerian, St John’s Wort, as well as Melissa and Kava from trusted friends in Oregon and Hawa’ii.  Kava Kava has the traditional use of easing and transforming interpersonal conflict in confined communities such as Polynesian Islands.  Hops was traditionally used in India Pale Ale to calm the British sailors and military personnel on the long and confined sailing voyage to India.   Valerian is  “above all, a sedative of strong and sure effect.  (1)  “Hypericin… found in St John’s Wort has long been used in Europe as an antidepressant.” (2) Melissa           “calms the spirit, relieves anxiety, promotes  rest, restores the nerves, promotes clear thinking and relieves depression. (3) The formula has proven to be extremely clinically effective, especially when used in a thorough-going integrative program of diet, lifestyle, acupuncture, counseling and self care. It is still effective on its own for symptomatic relief, but works best as a component of a larger program.

Traditional Functions: Nourishes Heart and Calms Spirit, Invigorates Qi and Blood, Transforms Phlegm and opens Sensory Orifices, Descends Yang, Nourishes Yin.

Traditional Indications: Ascendant Yang, Yang Rising from Yin Deficiency,  Heart and Kidney Yin deficiency, Shen Disturbance, Shen Vexxation and False Yang consuming Qi, Blood and Yin manifesting as Insomnia, Restless Spirit, Fatigue, Poor Memory, Inability to Concentrate.  Palpitations, Arrythmias, Panic Attacks, Post Traumatic Stress disorder, Irritability, Generalized Anxiety, Depression.

Cautions and Contraindications: To be taken under supervision of a licensed healthcare professional.  Contraindicated in presence of Barbituates, Opiates or drug abuse unless used for detoxification from such drugs. Caution St Joan’s Wort causes photosensitivity. Patients taking Calm Spirit should dose in the evening and wear sunscreen, protective clothing and sunglasses in bright sunshine while using the formula.

Any medical statements above are purely for medical historian information. The above statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not meant to diagnose or treat any medical disease.

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