Halcyon - Balled Concubine Guei Fei Cha - 2 oz

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Light orange rind, fresh sweet grass, and amber honey with a beautifully complex aromatic pallet. The floral qualities come through more in the aroma, with qualities of lilac and geranium. A smooth light body and aftertaste that lingers like a cloud. The Qi is pervasive throughout the upper body, mildly stimulating yet more grounding than most Oolong.   A sublime tea for a warm Spring or Summer day, refreshing and bright like an afternoon sun. The stems are left in during the processing to diminish the astringency and bring out the sweetness. 

Gui Fei Cha ("concubine tea") is an uncommon oolong from Taiwan due to its unique method of production. In addition to the stems being left with the final leaves, small leaf-hopper bugs nibble on the edges of the leaves in the Spring, which stimulates the plant's natural defense (phytochemicals). The nibbling of the leaves also stimulates the enzymatic activity of the leaf, which changes the flavor of the leaf and unexpectedly yields a distinctive floral, honey-like aroma and taste. 

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