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Authentic Shui Ping Zisha Teapot - 135 mL

135 mL


These handmade teapots are superior to all other types for brewing tea. The special zisha clay (containing iron, quartz and mica, and found only in Yixing) from which they are made absorbs the delicate flavors of the tea and the teapot becomes more seasoned with each use. The clay is good quality aged Zini clay. 

We suggest using only one class of tea for each of your zisha pots as they will absorb oils from the teas, which will then influence future brews. By mixing different teas in the pot, the flavors become "confused."

Each teapot includes a cushioned, protective box, and a satin pouch for storage.

Capacity: 135 mL
Filter: 7-hole flat filter

Authentic Shui Ping Zisha Teapot - 135 mL


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