Ah Ke Meng Song Sheng Puerh 2013 - 2 oz

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Color of white peach and autumn twilight. Aroma of steamed pear and crushed white grapes. Full bodied, bold malty taste of pear, caramelized red apple and freshly cut grass. Very nice Cha Yun or "well-rounded" texture with a mild pleasant astringency. The Qi is strongly clarifying, bright and Yang, without being too stimulating. 

 Meng Song is one of the highest altitude tea regions in the famous Menghai County of Southwestern Yunnan. Meng Song Puerh is rarely exposed outside of this region, yet it is prized locally for its bold malty taste and complex character. This tea also ages beautifully by maintaining the strong flavor and pungent aroma while becoming incredibly smooth. Living Tea is honored to share this tea, picked by the Hani people of the region for the past 800 years. The people of the region near Laos, where this tea originated, are of the "Ah Ke" Nationality and thus the name of this wonderful tea.    

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