Aged Water Fairy - Shui Xian Yencha Oolong 1995 - 1 oz

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Water Fairy comes from Indigenous, old-growth Wuyi Mountain trees, masterfully hand-processed in the century old traditional method.  The ancient processing brings out the true spirit of Wuyi Mountain, an area with the perfect terroir for this very special tea. The delicate dry leaves feel like freshly fallen snow with aromas of tropical fruit. The filigree golden liquor yields a very flavorful brew like vapor and light. With complex flavors of fresh mineral spring water, lychee and wild-flowers, this ethereal tea helps one to access subtler dimensions of feeling.  The Qi is refined, rising vertically and leaving the drinker feeling comfortable. The tea gained its appellation "Shui Xian" or "Water Fairy" because the original tree was found beside an ancient Taoist temple where a water fairy protected the spring and offered the healing waters that nourished the roots of this extraordinary tea.

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