Aged Osthmanthus Blossom Dan Cong 20 years - Phoenix Mountain, China - 1.5 oz

Aged Osthmanthus Blossom Dan Cong 20 years - Phoenix Mountain, China - 1.5 oz

During our Spring 2018 trip to Eastern China, we spent five days traveling around Phoenix mountain in Guandong province, China. This region is home to Dancong Oolong, a tea with a colorful history going back hundreds of years. The unique quality of Dancong is that it is divided into many sub-varieties based on distinct aromas, each a variant of fruity, floral or herbal. Of the 10+ different varieties, we were able to drink old-growth leaves from multiple gardens, and were astounded by the variety. One of our elder hosts knew the entire history of the region, and shared true tea spirit in his generous sharing about the processing, history, and lore of the region. His family offered us this stunning 20 year old Dan Cong from old-growth trees, and we are honored to share it now with you. 

While the family didn't know the exact variety of the tea, we find in the aroma a slight celebratory musk like frankincense in an old church. The age of the leaves have refined the aroma over time, yielding an unctuous sweet brew of mimosa flowers and grapefruit. This tea is a jubilee of flavor and aroma, uplifting, joyful and opening, much like the contented, garrulous elder who passed it on to us. 

We suggest brewing with a small pot, lots of leaves (fill pot half-way), and water around 190. Very short initial steepings.


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