Colin Hudon

Caretaker of Leaves

"Tea as a Way of Life"

Jade Rose

Painter and Writer

"Anything is possible with the sun in your heart."

LiYing Lim

Mentor of the Sacred Way

"New beginnings are all around us..."

Mel Nahas

Co-creatrix of Concious City Guide

"When you are present, you are free..."

Nitsa Citrine

Artist, Alchemist, Regenerative Gardener, and Founder of SOUNDFOOD

"love is at the center of everything"

Alex Crow

Embodiment Guide

" listen to the ... unseen world... I must humble my opinions..."

Kat Mills Martin

Filmmaker and Photographer

"Listening beyond words."

Jason Mulligan

Truth Seeker

"Discipline. Humor. Service."

Demelza Lacaze

Weaving a softer tune amongst the rumbling vibration of the world

"...we are all connected and each deserves the opportunity to be seen and understood...."

Brittany Bullard

A Vessel for Divine Expression

" like making love to the present."

Sarah Danu

Danu Organic

"Curiosity sits on a foundation of joy and love..."

Christina Marie

Soul Embodiment Guide

"Bridging heaven and earth...through the heart."

Emma Potz


"from the Heart of the World"

Amanda Gilbert

Inclusivity, Integrity and Kindness

"...meditation and mindfulness practice is essential to who I am."

Sena Maria

The Medicine of Being Human

"...watching the natural world unfold around me."

Laura Main

Helping People Access Higher Quality Water

"I feel so much power in us all coming together."

Jenny Ahn

East Asian Medicine Practitioner

"all things tea, movement, the moon, and nature"

Aurora Taylor

Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, Yoga Instructor, and Tea Ceremony facilitator

"Infinite spiritual being having a human experience – just like you."

Jessica Ryan

Herbalist, Artist, Advocate

"build a more abundant way of life"

Saoirse Mejia

Healing Facilitator and Teacher

"You are sovereign, you are powerful, you are free."

Katarina Stanisavljevic

Shiatsu Practitioner, Yoga & Meditation Instructor, Realizing the Nature of Mind

"Peace, Kindness, Openness."

Adam Yasmin

Digital Wellness Speaker and Coach

" all whom I encounter..."

Thor Sigurdsson


"Inspired by nature"