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Previous Classes

A Life of Tea:

Meditation / Virtue / Vitality / Tradition / Methodology / Community

The Foundation of A Life of Tea

Exploring various aspects of meditation as an important facet of the Way of Tea. We explore important foundations of meditation, tools to help in practice and the relationship between meditation and tea.

The Path of Goodness

This class explores the 2nd of the 6 facets, Virtue. We cover the relationship of virtue to the Way of Tea, the difference between virtue, ethics and morality, the role of virtue in spiritual cultivation, and the importance of virtue as a silent path.
(April 2021)

The 12 Essentials of True Health

In this video, we explore the 3rd Facet of The Way of Tea: Vitality. This is a deep dive into many aspects of health and wellness from the perspective of Taoist Medicine. We cover the following topics: Seasonal living in the Spring plus the 12 Essentials: Sleep, Meditation, Ritual/ Tea, Movement, Diet, Sobriety and Addiction, Healing Work, Intimacy and Sexuality, Stress Management, Relationships, Wealth Management, Purpose

Shamanism and Tea

In this video, we explore:
  • The relationship between tea and shamanism
  • The history of tea's arrival in the West
  • Tea as plant medicine
  • Subtle communication with nature
  • Health during the spring and summer months
  • Regenerative, contributive business models and community-building
  • Four principles of shamanism especially as they relate to tea.


Zen Art and the Way of Tea - Part 1

In this conversation we explore a number of the basic tenets of Zen while using examples from the way of tea and art more broadly to understand these tenets.


Zen Art and the Way of Tea - Part 2

The Five Zen Meditations, tenets and types of Zen Art, suggestions, and resources.

METHOD: The Art of Cha Xi * The Tea Stage for Ceremony: 

In this video, we explore the art of the tea stage or cha xi. We discuss practical, aesthetic and philosophical approaches to cha xi in the context of tea ceremony. (March 2021)

METHOD: Brewing Leaves in a Bowl

This video walks you through the steps of our first brewing method, leaves brewed directly in a bowl.

METHOD: Sidehandle Brewing

This method is about creating a space for connection, ceremony and meditation. It allows you to brew a greater variety of teas because a filter is crafted into the claybody. Generally, sidehandle tea is ideal for sharing tea in a group of three or more people, using larger bowls of tea that require less exactitude in brewing.

METHOD: Class on Three Bowls

This class covers the six foundational facets of the Way of Tea and more specifically, explores the practice of three bowls in silence. (March 2021)

Meditation and Way of Tea

5 Elements and 5 Emotions Meditation

In this video, we explore the five elements as well as the emotions and organs associated with those elements. We discuss the importance of emotional balance in self-cultivation and effective ways to navigate strong emotions with skill and wisdom.

Mastery of Thought and Magik Meditation (Stage 1):

As always, our meditations begin with three cups or bowls in silence. In this session, we discuss seasonal and organic tea, types of meditation, the fallacy of "getting more done in a hurry," the cleverness of the ego, the importance of knowing ourselves with sincerity, the importance of deep listening and the three levels of Magik. The meditation is a foundational practice of uniting mind and body, followed by the practice of thought observation.

Meditation to Address Worry and Fear

In this video:

  • Three cups of the seasonal tea club summer red tea
  • Discuss the merits of meditation
  • Explore the importance of determining value through our own experiences
  • Discuss the importance of mindfulness and the "little things" in a growing tea practice and life
  • Opening up communication with Nature and Plant Medicine
  • Strategies for overcoming worry and listening to the messages of the body.

Rolling Thunder Tea, Double Breath Meditation, Tea and Relationships

In this video we drink and discuss Rolling Thunder Dian Hong Red Tea, practice the "wish to grow" meditation, discuss our approach to meditation and tea, and answer questions about tea and relationship as well as relating to others from the level of being. (March 2021)

Clear Heart Cultivation and Double Breath Meditation

Cultivating a clear heart, developing a morning practice, three bowls in silence, the double breath four element meditation. (March 2021)

3 Bowl Microcosmic Meditation

Exploring three bowls as an introduction to meditation and guided microcosmic meditation. (March 2021)

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