Meet Jade

I am a painter, a writer, a mama and a practitioner of magic.


Describe your practice and/or why mindfulness is important to you.

I meditate daily.

This has been the case since 2018.

Before that, I was not so serious - I meditated most days.

Now, there are no exceptions.


What is your highest value and why?

I value magic.

And by this I mean that there is much more to this world than the physical.


Describe one health practice that is non-negotiable for you each day

Meditation. Walking in the mountains. Laughing with my baby. Sleep. Avocados.


Describe one tradition that you connect with regularly and why?

When I am writing, I follow in the footsteps of the seers.


What's the most common method you use for tea preparation and what are you excited to learn more about?

I prepare my tea in a little lily-pad tea pot.


Describe one way that you support your community and what would help you to support others more effectively

We practice magic together, my friends and I.

Come along to one of my tea and tarot sessions so that we may know one another.

Jade's Favorites

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