Meet Colin Hudon

A foolish man who lives in the mountains, drinks a healthy amount of tea and worships trees.


Describe your practice and/or why mindfulness is important to you.

I meditate every day. My practice is rooted in Vipassana Buddhist meditation, Taoist macrocosmic meditation and good old-fashioned heart opening breathing stuff. Mindfulness is important to me because I don't want to live my life on autopilot, lost in thought. Mindfulness brings greater meaning and connection to my life.  


What is your highest value and why?

My highest values are kindness (external consideration), respect (reverence for life and for each of our unique experiences, and freedom in all its forms.


Describe one health practice that is non-negotiable for you each day

I must have tea and meditation, running with the pups in nature, healthy food, sound sleep, and ideally Qi Gong. My non-negotiable is meditation.


Describe one tradition that you connect with regularly and why?

Buddhism and Taoism. These traditions make the most sense to me, philosophically and practically. They are based on observation of nature and the relationship of the mind to reality. They are also earth-based traditions that believe in the importance of living in harmony with our planet and one another. Finally, I find that these traditions provide the necessary tools to live an ethical and conscious life, which I haven't found in other traditions.


What's the most common method you use for tea preparation and what are you excited to learn more about?

I would like to learn more about Japanese Tea Ceremony as my practice is rudimentary.


Describe one way that you support your community and what would help you to support others more effectively

I lead ceremonies and teach classes via zoom on Thursdays and Saturdays. We also run Mountain Gate Teahouse and Art Gallery where we host lots of great events and offer a space for connection.

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