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One of a Kind Expertly Crafted Teaware

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Elevate your tea drinking experience by using only the best of the best.

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What Makes Our Teaware the Best?

Made to brew the best tasting cup of tea possible

Handcrafted by tea lovers and connoisseurs

Creates a special and novel tea-drinking experience

Handmade in small batches and often one of a kind

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Artistry Meets Function


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Our teapots are made by a variety of artists around the world. We specifically choose to work with ceramicists who are fellow tea lovers, which ensures functionality in addition to beauty.

Made in small batches, the teapots we carry are unique and often one-of-a-kind. They are made to be used and loved for many years, and even generations to come.

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We work with a handful of tea-loving potters to bring these artfully made vessels to you. Crafted with functionality in mind, these bowls are comfortable to hold and easy to drink from.

From the colors and textures of the glaze and raw clay, to the clear devotion to craft that goes into making these pieces, you'll be sure to love our tea bowls as much as we do!

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Created from years of experience and experimentation, the kettles we carry are quite literally the best you can find.

Made from the most high quality, mineral rich clay that softens the water it holds. The handles and spouts are meticulously designed for impeccable function. From heating to pouring, these kettles will help you brew the perfect cup of tea.

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Preferred by Thousands of Tea Lovers Worldwide

James W.

The most beautiful teaware I've ever seen! Such high quality and clearly made by a potter who knows what they're doing. This teapot is functional art.

Samantha J.

This bowl is truly one of a kind! The glaze is mesmerizing and the texture of the raw clay is so pleasing to touch. I look forward to using it every day!

Iris M.

Before I discovered Living Tea I only used infusers in a mug to make tea. I'm excited to have clay tea ware now. It makes all the difference in how the tea tastes!

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Passion Meets Purpose

I developed Living Tea through my lifelong immersion in Tea and Tao. As an herbalist, acupuncturist, and practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I discovered through the tea ceremony a means of sharing the extraordinary depth of Eastern traditions in the West.

Following many years of study and travel throughout Asia, I began sharing tea with others as a form of moving meditation and living art. Thousands of tea ceremonies later, Living Tea continues to share this way, these old-growth trees, and this ancient tradition with you.

As the Steam Rises,
Colin Hudon
Founder, Living Tea


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