Meet Brittany

A Vessel for Divine Expression


Describe your practice and/or why mindfulness is important to you.

I love how anything we do can be a meditation. The question is how present am I as I do it? Seeing life in this way brings a playfulness and newness to each day that is my fuel for inspiration. This simple practice of mindfulness, of being immersed in the present, brings a richness to the moments I sit in. Everything is wondrous in this space because it isn't being overlooked - it's really being seen. And isn't that what we all crave? To be seen? Mindfulness to me is like making love to the present. So yummy.


What is your highest value and why?

I value authenticity. What is true for you? How are you honoring that truth? I find that this is a foundational place from which we move and begin.


Describe one health practice that is non-negotiable for you each day

I start every day by oil pulling followed by a mug of hot water and lemon. It is the only thing that I have consistently done every day for the last 2+ years. Such a simple thing, but I find that taking care of my body in this way, first thing, is a gentle transition from sleep to activity.


Describe one tradition that you connect with regularly and why?

Honoring the divine in her many forms. I always run back to her. I write poetry and find that words come most effortlessly when my life experiences are filtered through mother nature’s lens. She is my source of inspiration, and so my words are my humble offering and sacred way of giving back all the glory to her wisdom.


What's the most common method you use for tea preparation and what are you excited to learn more about?

I prepare my tea using a side handle. I have built connections with each of my pots and it is so special the relationships we continue to nourish by sitting. Forest Floor is one of my favorite teas from Living Tea. I love how she brings a sense of ease and comfort. I haven't sat with Gateway of Spirit in some time, but I love how she inspires my writing on days I sit with her.


Describe one way that you support your community and what would help you to support others more effectively

I enjoy creating sacred space to share with others, and that most often translates into the sharing of tea. Sitting together to just be, with the tea, is magic for me. Tea in community has helped me realize that while words are a powerful tool, sitting in silence has its own beauty.

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