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New to Tea? This is for you.

Brew Guide

Brewing a cup of high quality tea doesn't have to be complicated. This short guide is designed to equip you with all the tools and information you need to start drinking better tea.


New To Tea? This is for you.


Brew Guide

Opt for Loose
Leaf Tea

Loose leaf tea is superior to tea bags because it contains whole leaves, offering a richer flavor, while many tea bags often have smaller, broken tea leaf particles from lower quality tea, leading to a less flavorful brew.

We source only the highest quality tea.

Chemical Free

Wild Grown

Expertly Curated

Responsibly Sourced

Informed by Tradition

Inspired by Community

Experience the Difference

Start with Our Bestsellers

Experience all the favorite teas of Living Tea’s worldwide community! Discover something new or share this sampler with a friend: it's the perfect place to begin your Living Tea journey.

  • Gateway of Spirit - Wild Tree Purple Tea
    Fruity and floral with an uplifting energy

  • Riversong - Organic Gong Ting Shou Puerh
    Thick, full-bodied tea with a dark chocolate finish

  • Emerald Isle - Imperial Grade Green Jasmine Pearls
    Rolled green tea leaves scented with jasmine - a balance of herbal and floral flavors

  • Panacea - Bud Tip Premium Grade Red Tea
    Enlivening tea with malty cacao and caramel notes

  • Peaceful Sleep - Organic GABA Oolong
    Honey flavor with fruit undertones, this functional tea is calming and relaxing


Water Temperature

Follow these general guidelines:

Puerh, Red, & Black Tea: 195–205°
Oolong: 180–190°
Green Tea: 175–180°
White Tea: 155–175°

How Much Tea?

Use enough leaves to lightly cover the bottom of your teapot while still allowing the bottom to be visible, like leaves scattered across a forest floor. Depending on the size of your teapot, this is approximately 3-5 grams of tea.

Our Favorite Beginner
Brewing Tools


  • Glass Infuser Mug


  • Glass Infuser Thermos


  • Handcarved Wooden Tea Spoon


Steeping Time

Fine Living Teas are flavorful and robust. Unlike shredded leaves in tea bags, they only need a short time to steep. Try starting with just a few seconds. As you re-brew your leaves and enjoy many cups of tea, lengthen the steeping time and notice how the flavor transforms.

Kettle Material

The material of your kettle matters. We recommend clay kettles, which soften and improve the taste of hard mineral-rich water, or glass kettles, offering a neutral influence on your tea compared to metal.

Try Our Glass Kettle

This elegant glass kettle is an affordable upgrade from plastic or electric countertop kettles. Glass imparts no unwanted flavors or odors onto the water, allowing your tea to shine.

Includes: 1.2L glass kettle and wire trivet.


Happy Sipping!

For a list of brewing methods, step-by-step guides and more helpful tips, visit out our website.

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