Meet Aurora Taylor

Infinite spiritual being having a human experience – just like you.


Describe your practice and/or why mindfulness is important to you.

Every morning, I sit in silence with a minimum of three bowls of tea. Beginning the day with silence, prayer and intentional listening to my own state of being, creates a ripple effect on the energy carried throughout the rest of my day. Thus, beginning the day in a mindful way allows for more space to be giving, authentic and present for myself and others and to meet each day with a bit more patience and awareness of the interconnection to all things.


What is your highest value and why?

My highest value is appreciating the gift of being alive.
For me, life is a constant ceremony - something to be celebrated, honored, respected and enjoyed. Life is a gift worth cherishing in every moment.


Describe one health practice that is non-negotiable for you each day

Besides my daily tea practice, my non-negotiable is honoring my inner wisdom - to choose to trust my intuition to select what health practice serves me in each moment and how I can effectively use the tools & teachings I have been so blessed to acquire thus far in life.


Describe one tradition that you connect with regularly and why?

Raja Yoga, Kriya Yoga, and Ayurvedic traditions are infused within my being. I’m grateful to connect to these traditions regularly because beyond the positive effects on my consciousness and well-being, I feel honored to carry on the teachings that have been passed onto me by my teachers whom I love and respect dearly. These ancient traditions have helped shape me into the person I am and continue to help me show up in the world in a positive way.


What's the most common method you use for tea preparation and what are you excited to learn more about?

I commonly use a sidehandle teapot within my daily practice and while serving in ceremony. I am excited to learn more about boiled tea, as I have a dream to serve roadside tea to passerby.


Describe one way that you support your community and what would help you to support others more effectively

I support my community by offering space for presence and setting the container to simply be and connect to the inner stillness within each of us - our true nature. I am honored to serve my community in this way through the practices of Yoga, Ayurveda, Tea ceremonies & Aromatherapy.

The deeper I connect with my inner and outer nature, the deeper I am able to connect with others. So I believe, the wisdom of nature and learning how to listen and respect her more deeply would allow me to support others with a greater capacity - as I tune in deeper to myself and the world around me, I am able to offer that presence within my being to those outside of myself.

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