Folklore - Well-Aged Big Tree Sheng Puerh Blend- 1.5 oz

Folklore - Well-Aged Big Tree Sheng Puerh Blend- 1.5 oz

The midsize dried leaves carry an aroma of old, healthy wood and stone. The liquor draws you into its depth with a deep Sienna brown center and cherrywood edges. The flavor is difficult to describe because of its complexity. The base has notes of sweet loamy soil out of which a canopy of flavor hangs- one can detect bittersweet cacao, chestnut cream, and fresh French bread. The body of Folklore is smooth like silk- round, rich and full. The Qi is subtle yet strong. It changes imperceptibly until you find yourself harmonized and centered at the end of the tea session. Experiencing this tea is like drinking an impression- giant shafts of clear light slanting through an ancient forest. There is nothing here to figure out, to pin down or pigeon-hole. A tea like this reminds us that we are part of something much bigger than ourselves. A special tea that brews steadily for many steepings.Â


"I have been a tea connoisseur for about 20 years now. When I first started, it was very difficult to get high-quality teas in America. With the recent explosion, many new options are available. I have tried several. After having tried Living Tea, I will order from no one else. Their teas, especially the aged varieties, are beyond compare. I cannot recommend him highly enough!"

- Sanjiv bajaj, Birmingham, AlabamaÂ
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