Ancestor - Lincang Mountain Wild Sheng Puerh Yunnan, China 1 oz.

Ancestor - Lincang Mountain Wild Sheng Puerh Yunnan, China 1 oz.

Many tea lovers know that Yunnan Province in southern China is the birthplace of all tea, but not everyone knows that the Lincang region may contain the oldest tea forest in all of Yunnan. In fact, Lincang is home to the worlds oldest cultivated tea tree, some 3,200 years old. During our August 2019 trip to Yunnan, we met with a friend in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan, who owns a beautiful tea shop there. She has close friends in Lincang who protect and harvest some very old tea trees, ranging in age from 500 to 1000 years old. These incredible old trees yield an extraordinary, rare tea. What we find most striking about this tea is the warming, illuminating yang Cha Qi that rises in the chest and down the arms. After enjoying the flavors of fresh sweet grass and honeydew, we notice a palpable experience of joy and happiness imparted by this tea. We attribute this quality to the ancient trees and the incredible biodiversity found growing around the trees. This is the kind of tea that we consider a true healing herb. We recommend brewing these leaves directly in a tea bowl by simply adding some leaves and near boiling water from the kettle. This ancient method of brewing tea may help connect you with these ancient trees.

"Ancestor is such a beautiful tea. It is sweet and light - ethereal, yet bitter and earthy. It tastes like Spring... and drinking it always soothes me. It's also stunning to look at, and I like to drink it simply, as leaves in a bowl so that I can admire their beauty. I could (and do!) drink this tea every day.  It's my go to Sheng, and one of my must have teas."

-Laura Beckingham

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