Tea Meditation Kit

Tea Meditation Kit

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This kit is the perfect place to begin your meditation practice with Living Tea.

Meditation is so important in modern life because it helps us navigate our internal lives, as well as an increasingly complex, cluttered, noisy external world. As tea has a unique power to reconnect us to Nature and facilitate the calm awareness of meditative mind, tea and meditation have gone hand-in-hand for thousands of years. This kit introduces you to the simplest brewing method in our tea tradition, Leaves in a Bowl, with our incredible River World shou puerh: a deep, rich, and well-balanced tea that is perfect for guiding you in meditation.

  • River World 2019 Shou Puerh - 70 g. loose leaf
  • One Spotted Snow Leopard Bowl
  • Instructional booklet on meditation and tea written by Living Tea founder Colin Hudon
Sit with Colin for a Leaves in a Bowl demonstration on our YouTube channel.

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