Onyx Charcoal Basket

Onyx Charcoal Basket

This beautiful charcoal basket has been custom designed for maintaining heat while allowing proper air flow for your charcoal to burn slowly . We worked together with friends in Taiwan to develop baskets that were functionally flawless, aesthetically beautiful, sturdy yet refined. They fit perfectly into either brazier as a substitute for the alcohol lamp. For those of you wishing to use charcoal as a heat source, which is far superior to alcohol, these baskets work perfectly. You can read the following pamphlet on charcoal arrangement from our friends at Global Tea Hut. Both glass lamp and charcoal basket are sold separately.

The speckled sandstone charcoal basket is an ideal color to match our Onyx Brazier, Kettle, and Sidehandle Teapots.

Regular price $100.00

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