Large Moonlight Sidehandle Pot - 900 ml

Large Moonlight Sidehandle Pot - 900 ml

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This stunning pot has been custom designed for brewing Sidehandle Bowl Tea and Boiled Tea. These sidehandle sets match our kettles, as they were made with the same clay.

The special bottom of the pot allows you to place it over alcohol or charcoal, or one of our braziers, which allows you to boil spent leaves or create boiled tea! Extend the amount of infusions for all of your teas by boiling them after your normal sidehandle session. These pots are functionally flawless, aesthetically beautiful, sturdy yet refined, versatile and steady. They represent the wares that Living Tea seeks out, matching the quality of your ceremonial-grade teas and uplifting simpler teas. The clay is a blend of sturdy stonewares that maintain heat, soften water, and allow great versatility by working well with gas, electric, infrared and charcoal. The strong handles allow for steady grip and smooth pouring. The tear-drop spouts are custom-shaped so that they can pour precisely and assertively for bowl tea. The strong clay can rest directly on our brasiers with alcohol or charcoal, so that you can boil partially spent leaves at the end of a tea session, or prepare boiled tea with your favorite shou Puerh, aged Sheng Puerh or Liu Bao.

Please note:

  • Every ceramic firing is different. White clay may be darker or lighter with each piece.
  • This white clay will age with your tea practice, absorbing the oils and colors of the teas used inside it. If you wish to retain the light color, reserve this pot for use with light-colored teas only.

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