Muladhara Teapot - 100ml.

Muladhara Teapot - 100ml.

Living Tea is overjoyed to share this beautiful pot with you. It's the work of our friend, Jonathan Steele, a ceramicist and tea lover residing in Redmond, Washington. His teaware is intended for use in gongfu style tea service and is influenced by the pottery traditions of Yixing, Yunnan, Taiwan, and Japan. Jonathan is also deeply inspired by the Oregon desert landscape and affected by his community that assembles around the wood kilns throughout the Northwest. "I think of the teapot as a wonderful combination of precision design and aesthetic nuance, each of which asks for equal and unwavering dedication to develop and express well." Living Tea shares this philosophy of relating to tea as a means of working within and learning the principles of nature. These principles guide our lives through balance, insight, harmony, reverence, and clarity. And, of course, these pots make a fine cup of tea.

Ideal for 1-2 people. Unglazed interior. Semi glazed exterior.

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