Deep Charcoal Brown Kettle -  2 L

Deep Charcoal Brown Kettle - 2 L

This stunning charcoal brown kettle has been custom designed for brewing Bowl Tea, Sidehandle and Gong Fu. We worked together with friends in Taiwan to develop kettles that were functionally flawless, aesthetically beautiful, sturdy yet refined, versatile and steady. These kettles are representative of the wares that Living Tea seeks out, matching the quality of your ceremonial-grade teas and uplifting simpler teas. The clay is a blend of sturdy stonewares that maintain heat, soften water, and allow great versatility by working well with gas, electric, infrared and charcoal. The strong cast-iron handles allow for steady grip and smooth pouring. The tear-drop spouts are custom-shaped so that they can pour slowly and precisely for gongfu cha, or assertively for bowl tea. 

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