Boiled Tea Cauldron Set - Sandstone

Boiled Tea Cauldron Set - Sandstone

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At Living Tea we enjoy exploring all the different methods of tea preparation. One of the lesser known ways to prepare tea is Boiled Tea, one of our preferred methods for Shou Puerh, aged Sheng Puerh, Black Tea/ Liu Bao, and Yencha Oolong. Boiling tea is particularly ideal for long tea sessions because you can simply continue adding hot water, and the leaves will continue to yield a beautiful brew for many hours. You can also add small amounts of additional leaf as the brew gets weaker. Further, you can boil "spent leaves" after a tea session, ideally the next day, and get far more out of your teas.

Boiled Tea is the best way to share tea in larger groups or gatherings, although it's also great for intimate tea ceremonies as the boiling action brings out deeper compounds stored in the leaf. The bamboo ladles are constructed with nontoxic material and clay that isn't glued to the handle. Boiled tea is intended for use with bowls, as opposed to cups. For suggestions on the best Living Teas for use in boiled tea, please email us, as our collection of artisanal teas changes seasonally. We've included iron rings on the sides so that the cauldron can be lifted off your brazier without burning your hands. Finally, these cauldrons fit perfectly on our custom braziers, and work great with either charcoal and open wick flames.

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