Canopy - Jing Mai Mountain Old-growth Sheng Puerh 2014 - 1.5 oz.

Canopy - Jing Mai Mountain Old-growth Sheng Puerh 2014 - 1.5 oz.

Canopy presents fresh spring tea picked in 2014 from old-growth trees that range in age from 400 to 800 years. We discovered this tea during our August 2019 trip to this extraordinary region of Yunnan. The tea is stunning, with a powerful and vibrant Qi that takes you directly to the forest. We discern notes of honeydew, sweet spring water, fresh green stems and grass. Light, clear, ethereal, cleansing, clarifying, and deeply refreshing, Canopy speaks an old language we’ve all but forgotten.

The Jingmai tea growing area covers the Lancang County villages of Jingmai and Mangjing. This stretch of 10,000 mu cultivated ancient tea gardens has upwards of a thousand years of history. Scholars believe the Jingmai tea mountain was first cultivated over 1200 years ago in 696 C.E. by the ancestors of the Bulang people. The next several dynasties saw a succession of tea planting, leading to the current scale of cultivation. The Jingmai Old-Growth Tea Garden is one of the largest conservatories for old tea trees in the world. It is, furthermore, completely protected and one-hundred percent organic, living tea.

In all of our travels in Yunnan, we have never visited a place with a greater concentration of tea trees. Unlike the tall trees in Ai Lao, which are very unique due to the altitude and deciduous nature of the forest, the trees in Jingmai are the more typical jungle and rainforest kind of tea tree, with twisted fairy-tale trunks and branches covered in mold, fungus, vines and other species like Crabs Claw, which we had the fortune to add to a bowl or two. In fact, the crabs claw that Living Tea carries is from Jingmai. 

We suggest water around 200 F and gong fu brewing in small pots and cups.

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