Tea Pillows (Cha Chuan), Jars, Trivets, Bamboo Scoops, Spoons, and whisks

Hand-thrown and crafted wares and woodwork. The beautiful glazed tea boats are used to rest the teapot during gongfu tea ceremony. Overflow tea and water drain into the bowl. The tea pillow (Cha Chuan) creates an aesthetically harmonious tea decor. Jars are used to store your more precious teas. The trivet is used as a resting pad for the hot kettle in-between steepings. Bamboo scoops and spoons are used to convey tea from package to tea pot, and also to share the dry leaves with guests prior to the actual act of drinking tea. The sharp end of the spoon can be used to break up a cake of Puerh tea and to unclog the spout of the tea pot.