Truth Serum - Aged Keemun Gongfu Red Tea, Anhui Province - 2 oz.

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Truth Serum - Aged Keemun Gongfu Red Tea, Anhui Province - 2 oz.

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An exquisitely balanced small-leaf red tea with flavors of maple-nut maltiness, hints of rose, cocoa and slight smokiness. The body leaves sensation throughout the mouth with different areas of the palette registering flavors. Good processing and superior leaf grade are detected through the balance of bittersweetness and thick syrupy body. The consistent dark black color of the leaves speaks to the consistency of flavor and aroma throughout many steepings. The small leaves are ideal for gongfu brewing in a small pot.

Qimen Hongcha (red tea) is produced exclusively in Qimen county of Huangshan city in Anhui province. This tea was first produced in the late 1800's and became popular in the West, where it is still used in many blended teas. The cultivar used for Truth Serum is the same used for Huangshan Maofeng, an older, well-known variety of green tea, while the techniques used for Qimen Hongcha were developed by Fujian farmers starting in 1875. There are many varieties of Qimen, with different production techniques, while most of them undergo slow withering and oxidation, yielding the unique nuanced flavor and aroma. We are very happy with this variety and hope you enjoy it tremendously. 

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