Tokusen - Premium Meditation Aloeswood Blend - 15 (5-1/2")

Tokusen - Premium Meditation Aloeswood Blend - 15 (5-1/2")

This famous formula or blend contains extra premium aloeswood.  The incense is more savory smelling with spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and sandalwood. We find it to be ideal for calming the mind and meditation. Tokusen Shukokohku is a scent that brings together 300 years of the art of incense making. 

We recommend breaking off small 1 inch pieces and dropping them onto a bed of ash in the bottom of an incense censer. They can also be burned upright in an incense stand, but this method is best for altar incense as continuously burning incense during a tea ceremony can be distracting from the tea. 

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