Jinkoh - Premium Quality Aloeswood Chips - 5g

Jinkoh - Premium Quality Aloeswood Chips - 5g

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Sweet, mild, calming, and meditative. Jinkoh is the highest quality chipped Aloeswood that we currently carry from Indonesia. The beautiful scent fills the room throughout the tea session with only a of couple chips because of the extra concentration of aloeswood.

Unless you already have a way to burn aloeswood, we recommend purchasing the white ash, charcoal, and mica plate combination on our incense page. this extraordinary blend of aloeswood blend chips comes from sustainably harvested old growth agar-wood trees in Indonesia.

The ideal incense to burn around tea and teaware. This sweet woody incense does not linger strongly nor cling to tea and teaware. The aroma of this Aloeswood incense, calms the spirit and opens the heart. Aloeswood, also known as Aquilaria agallocha is highly regarded in Traditional Taoist Medicine for harmonizing digestion and for its calming effect. It is said that this wood helps induce a meditative state and carry prayers to heaven.


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