Imperial Palace - Indonesian Aloeswood Blend - 17 Sticks (6 1/4")

Imperial Palace - Indonesian Aloeswood Blend - 17 Sticks (6 1/4")

Living Tea seeks out the highest quality aloeswood we can find. Aloeswood calms the spirit and mind, creating an ideal setting for tea sessions. Generally, we use aloeswood as opposed to other incense around teaware and tea because it doesn't cling to the items, thus influencing the flavor. This indonesian blend is strong but not overpowering, and ideal with darker teas. We recommend breaking off small 1 inch pieces and dropping them onto a bed of ash in the bottom of an incense censer. They can also be burned upright in an incense stand, but this method is best for altar incense as continuously burning incense during a tea ceremony can be distracting from the tea. 

Aloeswood or Aquilaria is an evergreen tree growing up to 40 meters high and 60 centimeters in diameter. Aquilaria is native to Northern India, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam. These trees frequently become infected with a fungus and begin to produce an aromatic resin commonly called Aloeswood, Agarwood, and Oud. This resin is used by Traditional Chinese, Unanai, Ayuravedic, and Tibetan physicians. The resin is created in response to an attack from Phialophora parasitica, which is a parasite fungus or mold. The fungal attack creates an immune response in the tree.The fungus and decomposition process continue to generate a very rich and dark resin to form within its heartwood. This is the preferred resin used in making fine Japanese incense. The resin created as an immune response makes the most sacred oil on the planet . As you can see the wood is extremely rare and often very difficult to obtain, as well as being quite expensive. The best quality is Kyara. Kyara comes in four types: Green, Iron, Purple, and Black.

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