Wild Grown Gynostemma - 2 oz.

Wild Grown Gynostemma - 2 oz.

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Wild grown Jiaogulan, also known as Gynostemma, is a climbing vine native to the mountains of southwest China that has been known in China to have healing properties.  Used in traditional Chinese medicine, the herb is said to offer anti-aging benefits and aid many common health conditions, including diabetes, high cholesterol, and anxiety. Consumed as tea or added to soups, you can brew it as you would an oolong- rinse to awaken the leaves and short steepings lengthening with each the duration of brew. The only difference is that the first rinse need not be poured out, but is best consumed. The wild herb has many of the same properties of Ginseng, and is said to have 3x the saponins (gypenosides) as Panax Ginseng. 

This caffeine free elixir is sweet to taste with slight vegetal notes to balance flavor and wonderful woody aroma. We drink it often, and will likely live forever. 

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