Respiratory Blend Essential Oils - Broadspectrum Antiviral Herbs

Respiratory Blend Essential Oils - Broadspectrum Antiviral Herbs

This blend of essential oils contains 16 different potent oils including eleven trees, which support the respiratory system. The angiosperms of the flowering trees protect the trees from virus,' bacteria, parasites and molds. The beautiful aroma from the flowers is actually part of the tree's immune system at work. These oils serve the same function in our systems. This blend is one of the cornerstones of our personal care during COVID-19. Use the oil in a diffuser in your house, or to be used in a bath, or a few drops in a candle or a pot of hot water on the stove. Works to open the respiratory passages, unblock the sinuses, protect the mucus membranes in the nasal passages, and increase access to oxygen. Increased lung capacity as well as protection, these herbal essential oils, also increase receptivity and openness in life.

Masterfully crafted by our friends at Medicine Ranch. DO NOT USE THIS OIL INTERNALLY.

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