I'm Hormonal Tincture - 2 oz, 4 oz

I'm Hormonal Tincture - 2 oz, 4 oz

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Hormones wreak havoc with our systems, especially the perimenopausal swings. This is a potent tincture for hot flashes, mood swings, PMS symptoms and general crazy making. Typically, it takes 2 to 3 weeks to take effect, and by that time significantly reduces symptoms. Medicine Ranch suggests taking this formula during the three weeks prior to one's moon cycle. Many patients report "miraculous" results.

Alcohol-based tincture containing: Brandy, Schizandra Berry, Iphlogon, Discoria, Vitex, Black Cohosh, Black Sesame Seed, Poria, Rhemannia, Goji Berry, Orchid Tuber, Psorelea Seed, Achyranthes, Ligusticum, Morinda, Phellodendron, Angelica, White Peony

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