Herbal Tea and Medicinal Tinctures

Flowers and buds, stems and stalks, bulbs and roots, leaves and barks- the herbal pharmacopeia in Traditional Chinese Medicine is extraordinarily vast. With over 1,000 medicinal substances, this world of healing restoratives ranges from high-mountain bushes that perch over cliff crags to the roots of low-valley shrubs or underground mushrooms. Living Tea has sought out the highest quality medicinals that have traditionally and historically been used alongside tea as a plant medicine. All of these herbs can be used as stand-alone tisanes or mixed in smaller quantities with tea. Generally, these herbs go best with raw or cooked Puerh in order to enhance or alter certain qualities of the tea. For example, one or two rose buds will bring a sweet, soothing Qi and flavor to the later steepings of a musty, aged Puerh, or a dash of snow chrysanthemum will open and enliven an earthy ripe Puerh. As tea purists, we always prefer the Leaf on its own, yet in the right circumstances, a fine tea is nicely accented by the medicinal or sensational qualities of another friend from Nature.