RASA Cacao Herbal Koffee Alternative - Ground 8 oz.

RASA Cacao Herbal Koffee Alternative - Ground 8 oz.

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An indulgent treat you can say yes to... every day.

Rasa's signature adaptogenic formula blended with fair-trade cacao beans for a mood-boosting, luxurious treat you can't get enough of, and yet is still packed with adaptogens and antioxidants to be healthy enough to drink daily. And with 5 mg caffeine per 8 oz cup, you can also drink it all day long! 

Rasa tested dozens of cacao beans to find the perfect beans to complement the signature Rasa formula and also meet their stringent standards for sustainability and ethics. Their Ecuadorian criollo cacao beans were selected for their bright and robust chocolate flavor that brought out the best in our coffee alternative blend. The beans are then sun dried and gently roasted for a chocolate flavor to savor that gives you a happy energy that sustains all day.

This masterful blend of 12 herbs, created by a dear friend of Living Tea, tastes amazingly similar to coffee while providing all the benefits without the negative side-effects. These herbs were thoughtfully selected to create a flavorful herbal coffee that surpasses the effects of ordinary coffee, with the capacity to naturally boost energy, super-charge your immune system and enhance mental clarity.

  • Boost energy without caffeine
  • Nourish your adrenals
  • Gently detoxify your body
  • Increase resilience to stress
~30 Servings Per Bag

Rasa is a Sanskrit word that, most simply, means, 'to delight in existence.'It literally translates as 'juice,' 'sap' or 'essence,' and is used to refer to potion, alchemy, & nectar. In Ayurveda, rasa is the word for 'taste.'

Rasayana is both one of the eight branches of Ayurvedic medicine, & any medicinal substance that promotes longevity and rejuvenation.

In Indian arts, rasa is the feeling of any work of art. Spiritually, rasa means rapture, divine nectar, or the taste of enlightenment.

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