RASA Herbal Koffee Alternative- Whole Herb 8 oz.

RASA Herbal Koffee Alternative- Whole Herb 8 oz.

This masterful blend of 12 herbs, created by a dear friend of Living Tea, tastes amazingly similar to coffee while providing all the benefits without the negative side-effects. These herbs were thoughtfully selected to create a flavorful herbal coffee that surpasses the effects of ordinary coffee, with the capacity to naturally boost energy, super-charge your immune system and enhance mental clarity.
  • Boost energy without caffeine
  • Nourish your adrenals
  • Gently detoxify your body
  • Increase resilience to stress

Whole Rasa takes 15-20 mins to brew (5-10 mins longer than Ground Rasa), but is great for you if: 

•  you're deeply committed to feeling healthy, and are willing to spend a little more of your time dedicated to it, and/or;

•  you're a sucker for a good deal—the herbs in Whole Rasa can be brewed twice, meaning you actually get double your value for a small sacrifice of convenience. Just simmer for 15+ mins (the longer, the better!), strain, enjoy...and simmer the same herbs again!

Delish hot or cold, alone or with milk/mylk/malk/whatever, Bulletproofed, or brewed along with coffee 
There's some je ne sais quoi about handling whole herbs. It slows you down. For a moment, you remember that these are plants. Somewhere in your subconscious flashes a memory of how you feel so calm and connected when in Nature.


Rasa is a Sanskrit word that, most simply, means, 'to delight in existence.'It literally translates as 'juice,' 'sap' or 'essence,' and is used to refer to potion, alchemy, & nectar. In Ayurveda, rasa is the word for 'taste.'

Rasayana is both one of the eight branches of Ayurvedic medicine, & any medicinal substance that promotes longevity and rejuvenation.

In Indian arts, rasa is the feeling of any work of art. Spiritually, rasa means rapture, divine nectar, or the taste of enlightenment.

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