Living Tea Variety Collection (6 teas)

Living Tea Variety Collection (6 teas)

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The Living Tea Variety Collection presents one of our seasonal favorite teas from each of six genres: red tea, oolong, shou puerh, sheng puerh, green, and white tea. This representative collection is comprised of teas ranging from earthy, rich and dark to light, floral, aromatic and ethereal. Whether a seasoned tea connoisseur or a beginner in the world of looseleaf living teas, the collection is a beautiful gift or way of exploring one's personal tea journey. We put a lot of care and intention into choosing the teas and hope you absolutely love them. The Collection includes these beautiful leaves:

  • Rolling Thunder - Dian Hong Honey Red Tea Lincang, Yunnan 2019 - 2 oz
  • Welcome Fragrance - Midroast Ying Xian Roasted Oolong - 2.5 oz

  • Shadow Mountain - Gong Ting Shou Puerh Late 90's - 2 oz

  • Wisdom of Youth - Big Snow Mountain, Lincang, Yunnan 2019 -2 oz

  • Jade Stream - Mi Xiang Taiwanese Green Tea 2020 - 2 oz.

  • Lilac Bloom - Organic Bai Mudan White Tea - Fujian Province - 1 oz.

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