Living Tea Variety Sampler Collection

Living Tea Variety Sampler Collection

The Living Tea Variety Sampler Collection presents one of our seasonal favorite teas from each of six genres: red tea, oolong, shou puerh, sheng puerh, green and white tea. This representative collection is comprised of teas ranging from earthy, rich and dark to light, floral, aromatic and ethereal. Whether a seasoned tea connoisseur or a beginner in the world of looseleaf living teas, the collection is a beautiful gift, New Years resolution offering or way of exploring one's personal tea journey. We put a lot of care and intention into choosing the teas and hope you absolutely love them. The Collection includes these beautiful leaves:There is roughly enough of each tea for 3 tea sessions with many steepings each session. The Collection includes these beautiful leaves:

Panacea - Pure Bud Premium Grade Red Tea 2020 - 20 grams

This Spring harvest pure bud red tea is incredibly flavorful with notes of malty cacao, hazelnut and slight caramel. Invigorating and steady, it is ideal for the morning as the yang energies of the day are rising. The thick, sappy, full-bodied liquor leaves a strong aftertaste and salivation that remains between steepings. The juicy buds are loaded with tannins, giving it a lot of flavor and patience that goes for many steepings. With a beautifully complex flavor and aftertaste, this tea hails from the Simao District of Southern Yunnan.

We suggest pouring off the first steeping and brewing subsequent steepings for very short initial infusions. The water is best at 195 F/ 90 C. Enjoy!!

 Skyward - Ban Tian Yao Oolong - Wuyi Mtn. Fujian, China 2019 - 20 grams

"Waist halfway to the Sky" is the translation of Ban Tian Yao, which refers to the narrow passages between the cliffs where this tea was first grown in the Wuyi Mountains. This is a very rare Wuyi tea, difficult to harvest and traditionally processed by hand. The traditional roast over charcoal imparts a slight smokiness underneath complex floral, fruit and fig flavors. The tea is dried and withered in bamboo trays and finally roasted over charcoal fire in bamboo baskets. There is a true art to the complexity of processing these famous trees (Min Cong). This is one of the finest examples of Fujian Oolong we've yet encountered, and we're overjoyed to share it this season. Spring and summer tea at its absolute finest.

River World - Big Snow Mountain, Lincang Prefecture, Yunnan 2019 - 20 grams

Living Tea is honored to share our first private reserve shou cake. Flavors of mocha, roasted hazelnut, cooked plum, and earthy damp soil rise from a velvety, smooth broth. Noticeable Sheng Jin or pleasant moistness coats the mouth and lingers between steepings. The name speaks to this quality of wet fermentation and we are very happy with the clean, precise processing, which yields a balanced, rich, deep tea. The aroma draws you into the lush undergrowth around a river in a healthy forest. The energy is opening and steady, slightly more yang than other shou puerh, but gentle and long-lasting. This is a truly wonderful tea that will age beautifully. 

Wisdom of Youth - Big Snow Mountain, Lincang, Yunnan 2019 -20 grams

Living Tea is honored to share our first private reserve sheng cake. This tea comes from old-growth trees on Big Snow Mountain (Da Xue Shan, 大雪山) in Lincang, Yunnan. The fresh leaves are so aromatic, you can smell them as soon as you unwrap the label. The liquor is ethereal beyond description both in terms of the deep, expansive Qi and perfect balance of acrid, bitter and sweet flavors. With a height of 3,500m and a prominence of 2,041m, Da Xue Shan is the most prominent peak of the Indo-Malayan Mountain Range of Southeast Asia. Big Snow Mountain is one of the Five Mountains that are the origin of all tea, and it happens to be our favorite because of its expansive breadth. This tea was handpicked and processed in the spring of 2019. It's a rare and limited treasure that we are honored to share with all of you. The original cakes were completely stone-pressed by hand in the traditional way, leaving them looser, which is better for aging. 

Emerald Isle- Jasmine Dragon Pearl Green Tea -20 grams

This imperial grade Jasmine Green tea was plucked and processed in Autumn 2020. Masterfully produced, the procedure requires mixing fresh jasmine flower blossoms with semiprocessed tea leaves (Zao Pei) numerous times over the course of weeks. Each batch can requires up to ten pounds of fresh flowers for every one pound of leaf. The result is a smooth, sweet, soft and invigorating green tea that captures the very essence of the Jasmine Flower. The scent is intoxicating, held within the tightly rolled tea buds where minimal surface area ensures that the scent and flavor will unfurl over multiple steepings.

We suggest brewing relatively short initial steepings up to 1-2 minutes with infusions at 170-180 F.

Lilac Bloom - Organic Bai Mudan White Tea - Fujian Province 20 grams

With a bouquet of flavors that balances sun-dried subtle delicacy with a full-body and patient brew, Lilac Bloom is the finest white tea we've come across. Oily, supple and light, this tea has notes of vanilla sugar, rose, lilac and white peach in the aftertaste. We find green herbaceous notes of fresh floral grass. Organic Fujianese white teas are rare, and we are overjoyed to offer this spring harvest. The brew is forgiving and easy to prepare, ideal at 175-185 degrees.

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