White Orchid - Aged Baozhong Mid 90's - 2.5 oz.

White Orchid - Aged Baozhong Mid 90's - 2.5 oz.

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Alive, bright, pure and clean. White Orchid Baozhong Oolong is a full-flavored bouquet of green stems, lily, orchid, and caramel. Aromas of freshly cut grass and berries give rise to a subtly uplifting feeling in the Qi like the time-lapsed opening of a white orchid.

Bao Zhong Oolong is not a rolled tea like many Taiwanese Oolongs, and appears like Taiwanese green tea with large, open, viridescent leaves. However, White Orchid appears to have been more oxidized than greener Baozhongs. Along with the aging, this oxidation lends a sweet complexity that unfolds from one steeping to the next. Despite its leafy appearance, Baozhong certainly fits the classification of oolong tea with a big, sweet, fresh, floral flavor and aroma. Bao Zhong is withered outdoors and indoors, then minimally oxidized 12-18%, whereas green tea is neither withered nor oxidized. Maintaining the characteristic fresh, pure taste of Bao Zhong is essential, and thus slow, patient and skilled leaf-processing is necessary. Living Tea is very happy to have found this fine example from Northern Taiwan.

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