Soma -  Old-growth Sheng Puerh Mid 90's  - 1.5 oz

Soma - Old-growth Sheng Puerh Mid 90's - 1.5 oz

Layered depth and complexity, roasted flint and woody peat, Soma is a profoundly well-balanced aged sheng puerh. The Qi rises gently and warms the chest, moving to the exterior of the body, enlivening yet not stimulating. The body is subtly astringent and mildly dry between steepings. Soma is loaded with flavor and brews patiently for a long time. The thicker, sweeter brew is likely due to the abundance of buds in the cake. This is a wonderful addition to any collection of 90's Puerh.

"I have been a tea connoisseur for about 20 years now. When I first started, it was very difficult to get high-quality teas in America. With the recent explosion, many new options are available. I have tried several. After having tried Living Tea, I will order from no one else. Their teas, especially the aged varieties, are beyond compare. I cannot recommend him highly enough!"

- Sanjiv bajaj, Birmingham, Alabama
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