Seed - Mid 90's Sheng Puerh - 1.5 oz

Seed - Mid 90's Sheng Puerh - 1.5 oz

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Fresh mineral spring water rushing over moss as the leaves change colors overhead, Seed is a stunning tea that embodies transition. In terms of age, it's just beginning to enter the realm of aged sheng puerh as opposed to mid-aged. The slight astringency is becoming smooth and deep, the bitterness now finds balance with sweet brassiness, the brew is thick though not yet unctuous.  A sandalwood hui gan rises in the aftertaste, leaving one salivating. This tea is frank and full, like a person who has arrived in their middle years, confident in who they are and unwavering. The Qi undulates along the periphery of the body, gently uplifting and awakening. 

Brew just shy of a rolling boil, start with less leaves as this is a strong tea. We recommend brewing gongfu, but a sidehandle would work as well.

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