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Hello Tea Friends and Family!!!

Welcome to the new website. We are very pleased to connect with our community through this new medium. Our intention with the website is to provide a place for you to find the finest tea, teaware and other tea-related treasures, as well as to create a symposium for dialogue, education, inspiration and curiosity. Oftentimes, Cha Ren (tea folk) discover the vast world of tea and wish to explore it deeper, though they feel overwhelmed by the profusion of online information (and misinformation). Just as we are committed to hand-selecting the finest Living Teas and quality teaware, we are also committed to sharing very reliable, inspiring, interesting material on tea types and varieties, cultivation methods, tea folklore and history, and Cha Dao (The Way of Tea).

We believe that tea is a Way of Life, A Dao. As such, it expands far beyond the rim of the cup and the rising steam. It blends with every aspect of life from the cleanliness and purity of food one consumes, to the practices of meditation and Qi cultivation to quiet the mind and hone the essence (Jing and Qi), to the way we interact with others and the harmony we find with nature. We relate to tea as a Way of awakening and embodying Presence in our lives. Our sincere wish at Living Tea is to share this Way. This blog will be a forum for reflection on this Life of Tea. Please visit often as we will be posting reflections, insights and photos regularly.  Thank you for joining us on this winding, cloud-hidden path. May we meet very soon over a steaming bowl. 

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