Immunity Boosting Teas

Immunity Boosting Teas

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During this time it is so important for us to consider our individual and collective health. Living tea, medicinal herbs, mushrooms and tinctures support general health, immunity and adaptogenic resilience. 

In a recent government study, "we screened a natural product library consisting of 720 compounds for inhibitory activity against SARS 1, which is 95% identical to SARS-2 or Corona. Two compounds in the library were found to be inhibitive: tannic acid and 3-isotheaflavin-3-gallate (TF2B). These two compounds belong to a group of natural polyphenols found in tea. We further investigated the 3CL inhibitory activity of extracts from several different types of teas, including green tea, oolong tea, Puer tea and black tea. Our results indicated that extracts from Puer and black tea were more potent than that from green or oolong teas in their inhibitory activities against 3CL." -

That being said, the antioxidants found in green teas help protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. In other words, green tea is good for you when the body is under stress. The teas listed below are some teas we've handpicked for immunity, but any teas from the Shou, Sheng and Red Tea categories will have inhibitory activity against 3CL and Corona Virus. 

This is an important moment in traditional and clinical herbalism in the Western world. In two studies out of Hong Kong and Beijing, out of 4030 healthcare workers, zero Corona infections occurred partially at least due to all the workers taking a preventative herbal formula, which is a modification of a famous formula called Jade Windscreen. This formula contains strong antiviral herbs, immunostimulants, herbs that dry lung phlegm and strengthen digestive function, and herbs that treat early-stage symptoms like headache, fever and muscle pain. As a preventative, this is a powerful formula especially in light of the fact that we don't know how long this situation with Corona will persist. We were able to acquire the 21-day Jade Wind-Screen kits through our friends at Medicine Ranch.

We recommend one round every three months as long as the virus is spreading and active, and a daily dose of the Living Tea Immunity and Longevity Blend in between doses of this stronger formula. You can find all of these formulas on the Immuni-tea page of the website. This is our personal baseline preventative practice at Living Tea. Also, in the pamphlet to the Seasonal Tea Club, we go into great depth on practices, foods, herbs, teas and lifestyle decisions that can significantly boost immunity during this time. If you do not wish to join the teaclub, email us and we'll send you the pamphlet. Also, if finances are tight at the moment, please contact us directly and we'll find a way to get you medicine on the cheap.

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