Holiday Tea Sampler for Your Favorite Tea Lover

Holiday Tea Sampler for Your Favorite Tea Lover

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The art of tea has many gifts to give us, and during the holidays, our favorite one of those gifts is its knack for bringing family together. We have put together a few items we think would be great gifts for the holidays including; holiday tea kits, and our curated holiday tea sampler. Not everybody is a tea-nerd, but tea people are very particular about their tea and tea ware. If you're looking to buy a gift for a tea person or an aspiring tea person, look no further!

The top of the page is for tea beginners, the middle is for tea lovers, and the bottom of the page is for tea aficionados who are ready to up their tea game.

Tea Beginner Set:

We suggest buying a bowl along with a larger leaf tea. If you or the person you’re buying for is just diving into the tea world, we recommend starting with bowl tea. This method involves large-leaf teas brewed directly in the bowl. It’s the simplest of all methods, and a wonderful place to start a tea practice. 

To brew leaves in a bowl, all you have to do is lightly cover the bottom of the bowl with the leaves, and then pour in the hot water--ideally just shy of a rolling boil. Living Teas can be steeped 5-8 times with this method. In order to get more steepings, you will need to use a teapot. This is because in bowl tea, the leaves are steeping the whole time they are in the bowl, and are therefore more quickly spent. 

We stock beautiful tea bowls:

Our curated holiday tea sampler:

This hand-picked, curated selections offer a broad representation from each class of tea. Living Tea helps our customers overcome the guesswork by including lighter and heavier roasts, different levels of oxidation, different ages of tea from each genre and a variety of representative flavors. Each assortment offers a well-balanced selection of teas. This is a wonderful way for new and experienced tea lovers alike to begin exploring tea

Tea Aficionados Set:

We suggest a Zisha pot, two porcelain cups and your choice of teas. We use Zisha clay teapots exclusively when brewing tea in the Gongfu method. Gongfu can be translated as "skilled discipline," and this method of preparation lends itself to the craft and art of the "perfect cup of tea." 

Along with our purple clay Zisha pots, we use porcelain cups that soften the water and bring out the best qualities in the tea. Using the Zisha and porcelain cups that are characteristic of the Gongfu method elevates the practice of tea to an art form as we seek to brew the perfect cup of tea. 

Authentic Xian Piao Zisha Teapot - 175 ml.

Authentic Xian Piao Zisha Teapot - 175 ml.


These handmade teapots are superior to all other types for brewing tea. The special zisha clay (containing iron, quartz and mica, and found only in Yixing) from which they are made absorbs the delicate flavors of the tea and the… read more

Teas to brew in your Zisha pot:

Eye of the Storm - Aged Gong Ting Shou Puerh Late 90's - 2.5oz

Eye of the Storm - Aged Gong Ting Shou Puerh Late 90's - 2.5oz


Small curly-cue leaves from old-growth wild trees. The liquor has dark golden-red edges around a deep, umber brown with an earthy aroma. This tea is remarkable because it has qualities of the five elements as well as other categories of… read more

We hope you are able to find a gift here that you or your favorite tea lover will enjoy, no matter where they might be in their tea journey. Thank you for supporting small businesses during this crucial time!


With warmth and holiday love,

The Living Tea Family





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