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Shining Skin- Cleavers- Galium Aparine

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In the Western pharmacopeia, Cleavers is known to be one of the best cleansing tonics due to its action on lymphatic system.  A great herb for detoxification. Used to treat urinary infections, edema, and head colds.  Beneficial for skin ailments, eczema, psoriasis, ulcers, acne and skin inflammations. Also known to prevents heart failure and strokes.

The wizard behind the tinctures: "Inside my small laboratory, I make organic small batch herbal tinctures in accordance to the laws of the moon. I have refined my process to a six week period of intention and focus. I use laboratory glassware for extraction, a crystallization technique for higher purity and an incubation period for evolution and potency. 

Consciousness exists throughout the body. By taking in tinctures over time, the refined and harmonized biomass has become part of me and in turn, I have become more refined and harmonized. I focus myself into these small batches and experience my greatest joy sharing the health and cultivation inside each bottle."

Dake Lindelef, Founder, Invisible Forest Medicine

 1 Dose:  20 Drops                                                  

Approximately 60 Doses

Ingredients: Cleavers; Alcohol.